What Gift Awaits You? – Fr. Steven Voss

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521Fr. Steven Voss, our Pastor, remembers a standing joke in his childhood home: If Caller ID says the phone call is from the church, “let it go to voicemail.” Fr. Steven’s mother once said yes when a priest asked her to pick up a family at the airport. Soon she was helping that family find a place to live, find jobs, and supporting them as they rebuilt their lives. Fr. Steven’s mother would never have agreed to this mission because she didn’t think she was talented enough. But the project evolved into a great friendship, a time “where love was shared”, and an experience Fr. Steven’s mother talked about for the rest of her life.

In today’s Bible reading, MT 25:14-30, as the master doles out “talents”, Fr. Steven notes that talents in Biblical times were vast fortunes, and if you had one, you should leverage it. Today “talents” are equally valuable and everybody has them. “There is not a child of God on earth … who has been given a zero sum of talents,” says Fr. Steven. “God has created you to do wondrous things.” Fr. Steven notes that what stops most people is fear, and when we succumb to fear, “we hear the Evil One”. “We live in a darkened time,” says Fr. Steven, but “You have been baptized to be salt and light. To bring healing and peace to a broken world.” Ask yourself: “What great gift or wealth awaits” if I reach out? The answer, says Fr. Steven “is precisely God’s plan for the salvation of the world.” Click on the video above or on this link to listen to Fr. Steven Voss’s full homily of November 16, 2014 via YouTube.

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