Vigil times, funeral Mass arrangements; more on Fr. Steven Voss’s passing

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521
Fr. Steven Voss

Dear Families in Christ,

“Rejoicing with Father Steven”

Saturday afternoon (3:55pm), our beloved pastor, Fr. Steven Voss, peacefully passed into the waiting arms of His Lord. His eternal life with God is what his life has always been about, and why he became a priest, and continued to shepherd others in giving their lives to Jesus.

Late this last Thursday evening (the Virgin Mary’s Birthday, Sept. 8) Father was flown to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for further testing with the hopes of surgery to reduce the tumor’s size. The tests showed that cancer had spread through much of his abdomen. Even by that time, his strength was rapidly deteriorating; his body was shutting down.

With Fr. Greg Ames at his side, he was admitted to the Hospice Center at the Mayo Clinic. He had already become unconscious and was given the needed hydration and pain medications to be comfortable. Father’s family, his father, Ray, his sisters, Karen, Christine and Jeannine, his brother, Kevin, and several others were there and kept around-the-clock prayer and vigil with him.

In God’s merciful care, Father Voss died in peace. LORD, we thank You for Your merciful love and care for Father Steven, and for answering his prayers and ours. We pray that he is with You in glory and interceding for us before Your holy Presence. We thank You for his life and his faithfulness to You throughout his many years of dealing with cancer. Lord, selfishly we would have him here with us again, but he needs to be with You, and so we gratefully lift him up to you. Be glorified, O Lord, all glory be Yours. Amen.

Our parish liturgist, Mary Ann Burridge, texted me from his hospice room the sudden news, just two minutes before I was to walk out to the ambo and address the 4:00pm Saturday Mass about Father’s deteriorating health and hospice. What a blessing it was to share this sad, yet graced news about him, to start Holy Mass.

Fr. Steven Voss prayer vigil times, funeral Mass time, location

The plans going forward:

  • Father Greg Ames will accompany Father Voss’s body back to Colorado.
  • Two prayer vigils are being scheduled, 7:00pm,Wednesday, September 14, at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Fort Collins, Colorado, with viewing to start at 5:30pm, and a second vigil 7:00pm, Thursday, September 15, at St. Jude Catholic Church, Lakewood, Colorado.
  • The Restored Order talk scheduled for Wednesday evening at St. Joseph Catholic Church has been canceled.
  • The Mass of Christian Burial will be offered 10:00am, Friday, September 16 at our Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Denver, Colorado.
  • In priestly tradition, Father’s body will be vested in his ordination chasuble and rosary, with Archbishop Aquila presiding.
  • Interment will be at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

As I had noted before, your spiritual walk in the Lord meant so much to him. Truly your love and prayer afforded him God’s grace to remain faithful to God’s will, to persevere in his priestly vocation, and help give him the great strength needed to deal with cancer and its treatment.

I have only been in St. Joseph Parish a short three months, but I have been blessed in finding Father Voss as one of the brightest, most positive, spiritually insightful, and most courageous people I have ever known in dealing with terminal cancer and its probable outcome. Yes, your prayers were very much answered.

I know this is a painful and difficult time for you, his staff, and for all of us. There will be intermittent feelings of thanksgiving, then sorrow, then regret, then loss, all for someone we have known and loved, and for one who has impacted our lives spiritually and personally. This is good, it means that we have cared and loved him, and he continues to mean a lot to us.

Let us continue to pray for him to be in Heaven with our Lord and the Blessed Mother, and his own mother, Mary Voss, and the countless gathering of saints and angels. Your prayers are still needed. Pray, too, for his family to find peace in the Lord.

Rejoicing with Father Steven …

God bless you,
and God bless Fr. Steven,

Rev. Joe Hartmann

Rev. Joseph Hartmann
Rev. Joseph Hartmann



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