‘Today is the Day’ – Fr. Steven Voss

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521The woman in the long line at the Post Office kept looking at him and Fr. Steven Voss finally said, “Hello there. How are you? Do I know you?”

“Nope, you don’t know me Father. I’m not even a Catholic,” she said. “I just enjoy so much seeing you in your little outfit there. It just does my heart so good.” She went on to tell Fr. Steven the real reason seeing him brought her so much joy.

“It’s the most attention any woman has shown me in years”, quips Fr. Steven. He too remembers the woman in the post office for something she wore. The encounter reminded Fr. Steven that “the people who sit in darkness have seen a great light” (MT 4:12-23) and those who have seen the light prove it in their actions. Fr. Steven encourages us to avoid just going through the “motions of faith” and instead be a people who radiate the fact that “they really do know Jesus Christ”.

Fr. Steven asks us to consider for ourselves: How do I allow Jesus Christ to dwell within my heart? What do my actions show? How do I bring good fruit to my family and friends? Do I have something that I need to relinquish to Him today?

Today is the day. It is never too late. “We are called to be the light to the world,” says Fr. Steven, and like the woman in the post office, “a people who are so distinctly different that the world stops and takes notice.” Have you guessed why seeing Fr. Steven made the woman so happy, or what she wore that he will always remember? Click on the video above or here to find out.

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