Volunteer with Minors Paperwork

Volunteer with Minors

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to work with the youth of our parish. We are grateful for generous people like you who want to share Christ’s love with our children.  God bless you!

All volunteers working with minors need to go through a basic vetting process. This helps insure we are doing our due diligence on who is around children, but also that we are educating our volunteers on how to keep kids safe. Thank you for working with us to do that.

To volunteer with kids, you need to fill out the following paperwork:

Everyone who works with children also needs to take a safe environment class, designed to help you look for warning signs of abuse and for helping to create a safe place for kids while you are volunteering. You can find the schedule here, along with instructions on how to register for the class.


Driving     (you do NOT need to do this to volunteer with children – this is ONLY if you plan to drive kids)

For anyone who wants to drive for an event, you need to fill out the following paperwork:

  • Volunteer Driver Agreement. Return with a copy of your current driver’s license, front and back, and a copy of your insurance for the vehicle you plan to drive.

You also need to complete the online defensive driving course. You can find instructions on how to login and complete the course here.


Finally, please remember that the background checks and the Safe Environment certificates expire every five years and will need to be renewed.

Thank you for helping to keep the children of St. Joseph Parish and School safe from harm!

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