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Confirmation Class for January 27, 2016

Holy Spirit –

Unwrapped;  Topic 9, page 19-20. YouCat #’s 35, 113, 115, 118-120   Holy Spirit

Normal MSYG intro

6:45     Small Group Time                                                                                        Sml grps

                    We will break them into small groups by grade, and do a short Holy Spirit                             transition check-in activity. Ask for names, school, and what image of the Holy                             Spirit they most identify with,

Hand out the Baptismal Promises sheet and give kids time to review it. Ask them to mark down anything that sticks out to them, or anything they have Questions about. Give 5 minutes for this… Then discuss:

  • Why is it important to renew our baptismal promises before being Confirmed? (Parents/God Parents amswered for you at baptism, now you get to answer for yourself)
  • Which of the promises are easiest to profess (say and believe)? Why?
  • Which of the promises are hardest to profess (say and believe)? Why?
  • Are there any aspects of the baptismal promises that you still do not understand (make a note of these on your own sheet and we can discuss)

7:00     Game Time                                                                                                    Gym

7:25     Holy Spirit Transition Time                                                                       Sml grps

YouCat #’s 35, 113, 115, 118-120

Read all of the references, and then go back to them as needed for the discussion

Discussion: “What does YouCat say” questions # 1, 2, 3

What Does the Bible say” questions # 1, 2, 4

You Chat” questions # 2, 3

Look on the sidebars for good supplemental content…

7:45     The Power of Preparation – DP 10.2                                                         Video

Watch in large group and then Discuss in large group:

  • What is an event in your life that you have spent a great deal of time preparing for?
  • What are you doing to prepare for Confirmation?
    • Things you should have done by now: sponsor and turned in the sponsor form; turned in your baptismal info and a copy of your baptismal certificate if not at St joe’s; written your Saint paper . . .
  • What can get in the way of our daily prayer time? How can we get past these challenges so we can spend some time each day talking with God?

7:55     Closing Prayer & Announcements                                                            Chad

Chad will recap Holy Spirit                Closing prayer – Come Creator Spirit

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