Remember beloved deceased with Novena starting All Souls Day

All Souls - novena starts Nov 2 - 2017 - LPI graphic - St. Joseph Catholic Church - Ft. Collins - CO 80521Please join us in remembering deceased loved ones with our Novena of Masses beginning Thursday, November 2.

Novena Mass Cards are available at the church entrances, and help provide names of the deceased for our altar display in November. We also pray for the deceased at the Novena of Masses.

All Souls Day: Photos of loved ones at Shrine for the Dead

We invite you to bring a photo of your loved one for the Shrine for the Dead, a photo display of deceased members of our parish family. You may submit pictures via email to Jeanette Coleman or drop them off at the Parish Center marked with your name and contact information.

We will scan your photos, print them, place them at the shrine and return the original to you. If you bring a copy we can keep, please let us know when you drop it off.

The Book of the Dead starts in a spot by the Baptismal Font November 1st and 2nd, and then moves to the Shrine for the rest of the month. We will enter the names of our parishioners who have died this past year. You are also welcome to enter names of your deceased loved ones in the Book of the Dead. Thank you.

The theological basis for the feast is the doctrine that the souls which, on departing from the body are not perfectly cleansed from venial sins, or have not fully atoned for past transgressions, are debarred from the Beatific Vision, and that the faithful on earth can help them by prayers, almsgiving and especially the sacrifice of the Mass.
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Join us for historic Oct. 13 Consecration to Mary

consecration - at st joseph catholic parish - october 13 - fort collins - colorado

St. Joseph’s is part of Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila’s historic consecration of the Archdiocese of Denver to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Friday, Oct. 13, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the final apparition of Our Lady at Fatima.

Consecration activities start in St. Joseph Catholic Church at 7:30 p.m.

This is your chance to open your heart to Mary, and to help with that, the Archdiocese of Denver has created a series of short video clips providing insight into who Mary really is and why she loves us. Each video is only a couple of minutes long, and host Fr. Ryan O’Neill’s commentary will make you stop and think.
· Marian Moment #1: The Simplicity of Mary,
· Marian Moment #2: Abandonment to the Will of God,
· Marian Moment #3: Mary’s love for the Cross,
· Marian Moment #4:  Mary’s Love for Souls,
· Marian Moment #5: The Heart of Mary,
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