Purgatory: ‘Spiritual ICU’ – Fr. Steven Voss

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521Priests don’t usually have time off Sunday mornings, but Fr. Steven Voss, our Pastor, found himself free one Sunday morning and spent much of the time visiting the cemetery with his father. While a cemetery visit may seem like an unusual way to spend free time, it was All Souls Day, which kicks off an entire month of remembering those who have passed on. Not everybody makes it to Heaven right away, notes Fr. Steven, and they need our prayers because they may be in Purgatory. “It is a beautiful place,” says Fr. Steven. “We should be grateful for the opportunity.”

God does not punish people in Purgatory, but heals and purifies them for Heaven. Purgatory is “intensive care” for the soul. “In intensive care, there is a great deal of suffering, but it’s not because anyone in ICU is inflicting pain on people,” says Fr. Steven. “There is a certain pain that comes from moving from brokenness to wholeness.” Nothing that is wounded or imperfect goes to Heaven, but “Jesus is seeking to save the lost,” says Fr. Steven. Let us draw closer to the souls of those who have gone before and especially help those healing in Purgatory with our prayers. Click on the video above or this link to listen to Fr. Steven’s full homily of Nov. 2, 2014 via YouTube.

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