Sr. Dara Catherine to speak on Prop 106, physician-assisted suicide

dignity of life graphic for sr dara catherine presentation on prop 106 physician assisted suicide

sr dara catherine to speak on prop 106 physician assisted suicide
Sr. Dara Catherine

Hear accurate information on physician-assisted suicide in preparation for the upcoming election from Sister Dara Catherine, of the Little Sisters of the Poor, 7 p.m., Wednesday, October 19th, at Colorado State University, Fort Collins.

Her passion is the beauty of the elderly

Sr. Dara Catherine’s passion is the beauty of the elderly and bearing witness to their wisdom, their lived experience, their confidence and patience in the face of adversity. Her goal is to help others see these jewels in our society .
Sr. Dara Catherine serves at Mullen Home in Denver. Before entering the Little Sisters, she attended Benedictine College in Atchison, KS, and after obtaining a degree in Psychology, she joined her religious community. Sr. Dara Catherine has spent the last 10 years in ministry to the elderly poor.
The presentation takes place in room Clark A 101, directly east of the Morgan Library. Get detailed directions and information: Admission is free.

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