Please pray for Fr. Greg Ames’ healing from cancer

Logo - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado -80521Dear Friends,

I am writing you today about our own Fr. Greg Ames. Recently, Fr. Greg learned his cancer has returned on his kidney. We are relieved to find out that he has a positive prognosis. He begins two months of medical leave during which time he’ll undergo a procedure to remove his tumor and recover at his parents’ home.

Fr. Greg asked for our prayers and support, and he will be providing us with periodic updates on his health. You may send any cards or well wishes for Fr. Greg to the parish offices at 101 N. Howes St., Ft. Collins, CO, 80521.

He is looking forward to resuming his class, Our Catholic Journey, in the fall.

I’ve been able to assure Fr. Greg that this is a wonderful parish when it comes to supporting a priest during difficult times. He and I both thank you for your love and support.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Steven

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