Parish Mission

We are in the second day of our Parish Mission with Fr. Don Kirchner, a Redemptorist priest. Here are a couple of highlights from his talks.

In Monday morning’s talk about Baptism:  We are not here to win popularity contests we are here to testify to the truth! ; Our Baptism calls us to serve. ; Pray the “Morning Offering” daily.

In Monday evening’s talk about the Bible: The Bible is not A good book it’s a LIBRARY! ; Read at least 5 minutes a day from it.

In Tuesday morning’s talk on the family:  The Domestic Church is the 1st church. ; By your example you teach your children. What are you teaching them? ; The family that prays together, stays together.

Tonight’s talk is titled “The Person of Jesus as Redeemer” and I can hardly wait to hear what Father has to say.  Attendance has been good, but there is plenty of room for you and cousin Joe.  So, come on by the church tonight at 7pm and I’ve hear there will be refreshments after.  Hope to see you there.

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