NPR features Saint Joseph Catholic School students at Nativities Around the World exhibit

Saint Joseph Catholic School student views a nativity scene at the Nativities Around the World exhibit - Global Village Museum - Ft. Collins - CO

NPR recently featured our very own Saint Joseph Catholic School students visiting the Nativities Around the World exhibit at the Global Village Museum in downtown Fort Collins. The exhibit, 60 years in the making, brings together different cultures of the world in their celebration of the birth of Jesus. The NPR broadcast features the story of the exhibit as well as student reactions to some of the pieces. Nativities Around the World runs through January 23.

A colorful set piece from Mexico depicts the Holy Family riding in a Jeep – the baby Jesus throwing his hands up in delight. That’s a favorite for 8-year-old Rowan Whisler, who is on a tour with his second-grade class from St. Joseph Catholic School.

“I like – how it’s in a car,” he said. “It’s kind of funny.”

For Maddie Murphy, the nativity on a “pyramid” is her favorite.

Well, it’s not quite a pyramid. It’s actually a miniature replica of the Mayan ruin Chichen Itza in Mexico. But the idea of having the nativity take place anywhere but in a manger makes the 7-year-old giggle. excerpt, KUNC story and interview

About Saint Joseph Catholic School

Saint Joseph Catholic School, established in 1926, focuses on rigorous academics, reinforced family environment, a nurturing community and Catholic faith formation. To schedule a tour, call (970) 484-1171.

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Mrs. Livingston taught at Saint Joseph Catholic School with a State of Colorado teaching license for 15 years before moving into the parish-school technology coordinator position in 2006. Mrs. Livingston was instrumental in piloting the technology aspects of the school literacy program, including introduction of the Accelerated Reader reading practice program, and the Student Teacher Assessment of Reading (STAR) program. Mrs. Livingston has been a parishioner at Saint Joseph Catholic Church since 1993. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Science from the University of California at Davis. Mrs. Livingston blogs and is the author of the young-adult equestrian novel, Winning Bet.
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  1. Annette DeMeyer says:

    I was so happy to hear the NPR feature with the St Joseph class visiting the Global Village Museum Nativity exhibit. It was a Wonderful exhibit and loved hearing the comments from the students.

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