Voices of Notre Dame Undertones carry – all the way to Ft. Collins

University of Notre Dame Undertones, a premiere men's a cappella group, appears in Ft. Collins Sunday, Jan. 14.
University of Notre Dame Undertones, a premier men’s a cappella group, appears in Ft. Collins Sunday, Jan. 14.

Savor the beauty of the human voice with the University of Notre Dame’s Undertones at 5 p.m. Mass and a 7 p.m. concert, Sunday, January 14 at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. This premier men’s a cappella group will sing a few pieces during Mass, with more planned at the 7 p.m. concert, Rm. 104, Seton Hall.

Notre Dame Undertones’ roots: ‘Five Freshmen and a Guy’

In the fall of 1996, five freshmen members of the Notre Dame Glee Club wanted to provide a cappella music to the masses. After banding together, they made the disheartening realization that all of them could only sing tenor. Undaunted, they recruited a senior member of Glee Club to cover the low notes, forming the group: “Five Freshmen and a Guy Named Kirk”

(Fun fact: One of the group’s founding members, Patrick Quigley, now is the director of Seraphic Fire, a two-time Grammy-nominated chamber choir.).

Out of this group arose the Notre Dame Undertones, a 13-man a cappella ensemble that performs across the country. Their repertoire spans everything from traditional Glee Club standbys to a cappella arrangements of popular music. The Undertones have recorded multiple albums.

Free-will offerings for Sunday’s concert will be accepted. Visit the Undertones on YouTube.

Notre Dame Undertones - Slow Dance - one of the group's albums available for sale
Notre Dame Undertones albums available through iTunes and at their website.
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