New governance board for Saint Joseph Catholic School

Logo - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado -80521Dear Friends,

I have two exciting announcements to share regarding Saint Joseph Catholic School and its future.

First, as we announced in January, the school has been invited by the Archdiocese of Denver Office of Catholic Schools to pilot a new model of governance called a “Board of Specific Jurisdiction.” This is an innovative model of Catholic school governance that has been successfully implemented in many other dioceses, in which the archbishop, superintendent, and pastor formally share certain critical responsibilities with community stakeholders. By taking responsibility for the areas of financial oversight and support and evaluation of the principal, the board helps to promote and ensure growth in academic achievement, enrollment, and school sustainability.

The board will formally convene for the first time this summer.  An important consideration is who will initially be serving on the board.   In addition to myself and the superintendent, all the neighboring Fort Collins pastors (Fr. Rocco Porter, Fr. Enrique Salazar, and Fr. Joseph Toledo) have been invited to participate. Also, a dedicated group of laity with expertise in marketing, finance, law, education and philanthropy (Mrs. Lisa Clay, Mrs. Diane Erickson, Mr. Sonny Lubick, Mr. Neil McCaffrey, and Mr. Jacob Nazeck) have also been invited to participate. This board enhances the governance previously held by myself alone as pastor and seeks to complement other organizations and groups that work to support the school.

Secondly, I have empaneled a Principal Search Committee. We will be meeting in two weeks to begin the search process. The Office of Catholic Schools has already been advertising for the position and is screening candidates. The following individuals have accepted my invitation to be a part of the search committee: Mrs. Lisa Clay, Chair of the Finance Committee, a former school parent and a member of the Board of Specific Jurisdiction; Mrs. Diane Erickson, a former school parent and a member of the Board of Specific Jurisdiction: Mr. Jacob Nazeck, a member of Saint Joseph Church and a member of the Board of Specific Jurisdiction; Mr. T.J. Antinora, a member of Finance Council, SAC Committee and a school parent; and Mrs. Lynette Whisler, a school parent. Sister Rose Mary is also on the Principal Search Committee and has approved of these individuals.

I am confident that the members of the Board of Specific Jurisdiction and the Principal Search Committee have the best interest of the school in mind and will work hard to make this transition smooth and successful.  Thank you for your support of our school and Catholic education.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Steven M. Voss

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