Mary’s Closet

Mary’s Closet, a free store for those in need, served more than 11,000 people – nearly 2,000 of them homeless – in 2010. We welcome clean, donated clothing and footwear in good condition, as well as sample-sized toiletries, toys, and books. You can help us with our limited storage by donating in-season items.

Located in the basement of Saint Joseph Catholic Church’s parish offices, Mary’s Closet is staffed by a team of friendly, dedicated volunteers who help people find what they need, and make sure donated items are in good condition and properly displayed.

Free shopping visits to Mary’s Closet are limited on a per year basis. Please call the parish office (970) 482-4148 for hours and guidelines. Thank you in advance for your help with this important ministry!

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  1. Linda Yoskowit says:

    I have several women’s business suits in good condition that I no longer need. Would you have use for this or know someone that could use them. They’re sizes 6-8. If you do please let me know what the best time would be to drop them off. Thank you

    • Karin Livingston says:

      Thank you so much for donating to Mary’s Closet! You gift is a real help to those in need. We accept any clothing item in good condition. Donors may drop off clothing 24 hours a day in our bin, located in our church parking lot behind the parish offices. A second, double bin is also available. Items donated to the double bin go out of state. If we cannot use your item, we will send it to a consignment shop and use the earnings to purchase new underwear and socks for those in need. Clothing may also be dropped off at our parish offices, which are open M – Th, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Fridays 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. We do close parish offices for special events and staff development days, so please call ahead to make sure we will be open. Thanks again for your generosity in helping Mary’s Closet support those in need.

  2. Hi:
    Who is our main point of contact for Mary’s Closet? I want to update our records with current information. Name, email, phone would be great!! From time to time we have product donations that might be helpful to you and and I want to make sure we have current information. Thanks!!

  3. Frankie says:

    Does Mary’s closet take furniture? I have a nice coffee table and pretty new tv that I’m looking to give to someone in need. Just don’t have room for them.

  4. Josh DeSanti says:

    Karin, I would like to volunteer with Mary’s closet or anything needed around the parish.

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