Link for tonight’s stream of Fr. Steven Voss Memorial Mass

Fr. Steven Voss with Laddie
Fr. Steven Voss with Laddie

Please join us in the church tonight for the Memorial Mass for Pastor Fr. Steven Voss, who passed away September 10, 2016. If you are unable to attend, you may watch the service at home by visiting this YouTube link:

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2 thoughts on “Link for tonight’s stream of Fr. Steven Voss Memorial Mass

  1. I want to thank the parish staff and pastoral council for their compassionate outreach to the congregation after Father Steven’s passing. By posting the videos you’ve provided a way for everyone to be present at his funeral and memorial Masses. Please keep Fr. Steven’s homilies alive on the website. His absence isn’t quite so painful.

    Eternal gratitude goes to those who traveled with and remained at Fr. Steven’s side.
    Thank you Fr. Greg for sharing that journey with us.
    Thank you Deacon Greg for remaining by his side at the Cathedral Mass.
    Thank you Mark Coleman for the beautiful eulogy.
    Thank you Jeanette Coleman for being Fr. Steven’s assistant.
    Thank you Fr. Joe and Fr. Greg for walking us through the sorrow.
    Thanks to all of you for your combined efforts to serve our parish. God bless you.

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