Let the Rosary Become Your Story – Fr. Steven Voss

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521“Never doubt the power of a good story,” says Fr. Steven Voss, our pastor. As October, the Month of the Rosary unfolds, Fr. Steven compares the Rosary to a family story about the house his father grew up in. Just as Fr. Steven learned something special about his father’s house, we learn the story of Jesus Christ and develop a deeper relationship with Him through the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Some view the Rosary as repetitious, but “when we allow our mind and heart to be guided by the Holy Spirit … we have more than an academic understanding of facts. We begin to picture what really happened,” says Fr. Steven. “With the repetition and the meditation that happens, we begin to enter into the story.” Fr. Steven urges everyone to keep a Rosary on hand, and to use it perpetually. Many miracles are attributed to the Rosary, and the Rosary helps us forge a link to deeper faith. Don’t know the Rosary? Booklets on its Mysteries and its prayers are readily available. Try praying the Rosary for a month and Fr. Steven predicts the Rosary will become something “that you can’t live without”. Click here or on the video above to hear Fr. Steven Voss’s full October 5, 2014 homily via YouTube.

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