Jesus Christ: ‘The Original Wireless Connection’ – Fr. Steven Voss

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521On the eve of Good Shepherd Sunday, Fr. Steven Voss points to our own magnificent shepherd, Pope Francis, who loves the simple life, yet is a living example of the abundance Jesus promised us. Fr. Steven also tells of a piece of “contraband” blueberry pie that helped him personally see “the golden thread of Christ’s hand in all of creation”. The deeper our relationship with Christ through prayer, the more abundant our life will be, says Fr. Steven. We can consider Jesus Christ, our “original wireless connection” and talk to Him about everything. Adds Fr. Steven, while abundance does not necessarily mean affluence, the greatest thing we can possess, be we rich or poor, is friendship with Christ. Remember, as Pope Francis loves his flock, so too “Jesus loves us beyond our imagination.” Click on the video or this link to hear Fr. Steven’s full homily.

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