Hands of Love


This man, he came from Nazareth,
a plain background he was from.
He was sent here for a reason,
part of a prophecy to come.
Joseph means “increasing faith”,
it was the name he wore,
Not a faith that could lie dormant
but each day it must grow more.

One feature that will show you
who this man Joseph really was,
Are his hands – their every facet,
every talent, every cause.
This carpenter had hands with strength
and hard work they well knew,
In each piece that he created,
a part of Joseph was there too.
His hands were rough and callused,
it was the hazard of his trade,
But each callus was a sign
of something he and God had made.

These roughened hands could also
be so gentle and so mild,
As he cradled Mary in his arms,
unmarried, but with child.
All the people were astounded,
they thought surely Joe would balk,
Did the scandal not affect him –
all the rumors, all the talk?
Reaching up to Him in prayer,these
hands new strength had won,
When God’s message reassured him,
Mary’s baby was His Son.

Through prayer and work and love,
Joseph’s hands have done his will,
If you’ll look at those around us,
you’ll see he’s with us still.
2000 years have come and gone,
since that prophecy came true.
Yet Joe’s in every person
on the corner, in the pew.

St. Joseph, won’t you help us
use our hands for love each day.
For the strongest form of prayer
is reaching out along the way.
— Kathy Stambaugh

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