Death of Father Lajeunesse

In 1934, Father LaJeunesse marked the 35th anniversary of this pastorate at St. Joseph with a special Mass offered on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19. About 300 parishioners gathered for the occasion, and the local newspaper, noting the occasion, commented:

“Despite his 71 years, he is in fairly good health, and at the present time is gaining in strength, after a recent operation.”

Fr. John Wogan

1934 also marked the appointment of Father LaJeunesse’s first assistant pastor in the person of Father John Wogan, who was appointed on January 6. He was ordained June 7, 1931, after studying at St. Thomas Seminary, Denver. Father LaJeunesse’s health began to fail in 1937, and on March 18 he was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, where he died in May. Raymond Kissock remembered Father telling him that all he wanted for his funeral was for someone to just say three “Hail Marys” and mean them.

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