1925 Beginning of the School

With the passage of time and the growth of the Catholic population, it became apparent that a parochial school was a necessity. Work on the school began in the spring of 1925. Some parishioners urged that it be located farther south, but the final decision was for the present location.

The school is of Spanish design, and was built under the direction of Leo Desjardins whose daughter Alvina was among the graduates from the class of 1931. The construction is wire-cut, rugged face brick, tan in color, with redstone trimming, and red tile roof. The foundation is concrete and heavy steel. According to Art Brookman, the redstone came from Lamb’s quarry, and it was cut at the church. The steps came from John Soderberg, who worked in a quarry. Redstone being too soft for the steps, a harder stone was acquired.

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