Saint Joseph Catholic Parish, Fort Collins, Colorado

by Mary Ann Burridge
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Hands of Love
Area History
Fort Collins
Aunty Stone
Purchase of Original Church
First Priests
Father La Jeunesse
Building Of New Church
1925 Beginning Of The School
The Depression
Death Of Father Lajeunesse
Monsignor Eugene O’Sullivan
Monsignor Richard Duffy
1950 Double Jubilee Celebration
1954 Sisters’ Convent
1959 Fund Drive
1960 Remodeling Of The Church
1965 School Addition
Monsignor John Cavanagh
1979 Rectory And Parish Center
Father Thomas Woerth
Father Anthony Bliss
Father Thomas Coyte
Hospitality Kitchen
1987 Elevator Installed
Father Philip Meredith
World Youth Day
1999 -2000 School And Parish Center Improvements
Jubilee Celebration
Father Dennis Ryan
Parish Council
Religious Education Programs
Homelessness Prevention
Knights Of Columbus
Legion Of Mary

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