Our own Hannah Skalicky’s winning dish served as main course at White House

The wonderful surprises seem to never end where Hannah Skalicky and her winning dish, “Hannah’s Sweet and Savory Chicken and Peaches”, are concerned. Not only did our 10-year-old parishioner win a trip for a “state” dinner at the White House with her recipe, her creation was served today as the main course! Read our earlier story. (Photos courtesy of Cindy Skalicky.)

Winning dish and ‘stunning day’ at White House for Hannah and her mom

What an amazing day. Just unreal.
She will be interviewed tomorrow by HLN network here at the DC CNN bureau. I think it will air at 9:15 mountain time. It’s Michaela Pereira’s show.
We just got back to the hotel. A stunning day!
– email from Cindy Skalicky, Hannah’s mother

winning dish of hannah skalicky served to her by white house staff
White House staff serves Hannah Skalicky her own recipe.
hannah skalicky winning dish on white house menu
Hannah Skalicky’s winning recipe on the menu at the White House.
winning dish - hannah and cindy skalicky at white house
Hannah Skalicky and her mother, Cindy, at the White House.
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