10-year-old Hannah Skalicky has lunch with First Lady

Hannah Skalicky’s kitchen experiment with peaches and chicken has yielded a big surprise: lunch today at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama.
Hannah, age 10, the daughter of parishioners Aaron and Cindy Skalicky, is the Colorado winner in The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge with her peaches and chicken recipe. Hannah’s prize? A “state” lunch with Michelle Obama, which also includes young winners from other U.S. states and territories.
The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Kids State Dinner Cookbook 2016 - coverHannah’s recipe is included in a free e-book sponsored by PBS at http://www.pbs.org/parents/lunchtimechallenge/cookbook/.

Hannah Skalicky Sweet and Savory Chicken and Peaches recipe
“I am most excited about meeting the First Lady and maybe even the President,” Hannah told us earlier.
“Hannah’s Sweet and Savory Chicken and Peaches” is an  original. “There had to be a local ingredient in the recipes so I chose Palisade peaches because I help my dad every year at the Rotary Peach Festival,” she said. “It also had to be affordable for families and follow the national My Plate (http://www.choosemyplate.gov/MyPlate) guidelines, which include meat, so I chose chicken as my source of protein.”

Hannah Skalicky encourages other kids to go for it

It took many tests before Hannah achieved the flavor and consistency she wanted in the curry sauce. “Never be afraid to experiment in the kitchen,” she advised. “A great starter in the kitchen is scrambled eggs or pancakes.” Missing an ingredient? “Just find a substitute that will add variety, color, texture and flavor.” Her favorite everyday recipe is sautéed mushrooms and onions, which work as a side dish and as a garnish.
Hannah encourages other kids to go for it. “I would tell other kids to have courage and learn from their mistakes. They should compare things that may be difficult with things that come easily to them so they can share their talents.”
Congratulations, Hannah!

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