Fr. Greg’s Road to Catholicism, The Book: Origins of the Holy Scriptures (video)

Fr. Greg Ames - lecture series - 2015 - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

Fr. Greg Ames

In this exciting talk, Fr. Greg Ames explores the Jewish roots of the Catholic Faith, Christianity’s origins in Catholicism, and the truth about the Bible’s history in this popular series at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Join us Nov. 11, 6:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m., for Fr. Greg’s next talk, The Old Testament: Salvation History, Our Story. This engaging Wednesday night series explores highlights of Catholicism and runs now through Dec. 16, 2015. Drop in for one or all sessions. Fr. Ames is Chaplain to the Homeless at the Mission in Fort Collins, and priest in residence at Saint Joseph Catholic Church. If you cannot see the video above, click on this link: Time permitting, written questions from attendees will be answered at the end. This series is intended for adult audiences. Admission is free.

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Mrs. Livingston taught at Saint Joseph Catholic School with a State of Colorado teaching license for 15 years before moving into the parish-school technology coordinator position in 2006. Mrs. Livingston was instrumental in piloting the technology aspects of the school literacy program, including introduction of the Accelerated Reader reading practice program, and the Student Teacher Assessment of Reading (STAR) program. Mrs. Livingston has been a parishioner at Saint Joseph Catholic Church since 1993. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Science from the University of California at Davis. Mrs. Livingston blogs and is the author of the young-adult equestrian novel, Winning Bet.
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  1. Claire D says:

    Karen, FYI, I noticed your most recent post says Nov 18th but I think it should be Nov 11th?

    • Karin Livingston says:

      Thank you! We corrected it as soon as I accidentally hit “send”. It was a case of over-eager trigger finger.

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