What sets Catholic schools apart from the rest of the pack?

Catholic Schools Week 2017 - Dr. Chuck Hubbeling - principal - St. Joseph Catholic School - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521

Dr. Charles Hubbeling

Ever wonder what sets Catholic schools apart from the rest of the pack? On Saturday, The Coloradoan newspaper featured the perspectives of our own St. Joseph Catholic School Principal, Dr. Charles Hubbeling, and school parent Ellie Murphy on Catholic Education.

Catholic schools: Communities of Christ, knowledge, service

… First, Catholic schools are communities of faith. All schools seek to develop character and a moral compass in their students. What makes Catholic schools unique is that we accomplish this work through the teachings of Jesus Christ. At our Catholic schools, we deepen the understanding of the traditions of the church in our students. We provide them countless opportunities throughout each day and week to encounter Christ. It is through those encounters that they develop a relationship with him and become disciples. This is the most important work we do.

Second, Catholic Schools are communities of knowledge. Our schools offer an excellent education with rigorous academics, music, art, PE, technology and Spanish education in a Christian environment. Our students are well prepared for the challenges of high school.

Finally, Catholic schools are communities of service. While our students lead and participate in numerous service projects throughout the year, developing a culture of service is more than that. At the deepest level, we learn to love one another by seeking the good of other above self — at school, at home and in our community. This important work is accomplished through the realization that our accomplishments and successes are not only for ourselves, but to be shared with others. This is the stewardship that we teach…
– Dr. Charles Hubbeling, PhD, Principal, St. Joseph Catholic School

Read Dr. Hubbeling’s complete article in The Coloradoan.

‘Amazed that students, past and present, display such strong leadership qualities’

… This school is diverse, dynamic, and is truly committed to ensuring that each individual is given every opportunity to success in this world!! I am always amazed that students, past and present, display such strong leadership qualities in nearly every school and public encounter I have with them.
– Ellie Murphy, St. Joseph Catholic School parent

Read Ellie’s complete “Thumbs Up” in The Coloradoan.

Join us in celebrating Catholic Education during Catholic Schools Week, Jan. 29 – Feb. 4., 2017. Call now for a tour of our school, (970) 484-1171.

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About Karin Livingston

Mrs. Livingston taught at Saint Joseph Catholic School with a State of Colorado teaching license for 15 years before moving into the parish-school technology coordinator position in 2006. Mrs. Livingston was instrumental in piloting the technology aspects of the school literacy program, including introduction of the Accelerated Reader reading practice program, and the Student Teacher Assessment of Reading (STAR) program. Mrs. Livingston has been a parishioner at Saint Joseph Catholic Church since 1993. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Science from the University of California at Davis. Mrs. Livingston blogs and is the author of the young-adult equestrian novel, Winning Bet.
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