‘By their fruits you will know them’: What we have accomplished at St. Joseph Catholic Church

Twilight - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521Matthew 7:16 calls us to good works. Our numbers tell the story of what we have accomplished recently, and who we are at Saint Joseph Catholic Parish.

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Enabling pathways to salvation

36: Nursing home Masses
5,408: Nursing home Communion visits
1,976: Visits to homebound parishioners
60: Liturgies at the Larimer County Jail
52: Bible study sessions led at the Larimer County Jail
250: Individual spiritual direction/counseling appointments with Fr. Steven
2,280: Visitors to Mary’s Closet receiving goods
360: Bus passes distributed
156: Clients seen for the Homeless Prevention Initiative
68: Families served through our annual Jesse Tree program
985: Pounds of food collected at Thanksgiving and Christmas in July food drives
$4,200: Distributed annually to parishioners in need

Creating lifelong learners

193: Kindergarten through 8th-grade students enrolled Saint Joseph Catholic School
46: Preschool students at Saint Joseph Catholic School
60: New students enrolled this year at Saint Joseph Catholic School
60: Families receiving tuition assistance
2,700: Volunteer hours each year at Saint Joseph Catholic School by more than 150 different volunteers
122: Pre-K through 5th-grade students enrolled in elementary religious education
65: Middle school youth group students
60: High school students enrolled in high school religious education

Engaging Catholics

1,677:  Current registered households
196: New families registered in 2013, 131 of which registered online through the new website
480: Phone calls made to new families
240: New-family packets mailed
896: Masses offered at Saint Joseph Church
1,712: Average attendees for the weekend masses at Saint Joseph
286: Hours of Reconciliation
872: Hours of Eucharistic Adoration
50,000: Bulletins distributed
19,896: Unique visits to the parish website since January of 2013
1,300: Events hosted in our facilities
135,000: Hosts distributed
21,216: Donuts, 180 pounds of coffee, and 48 gallons of orange juice used each year for coffee and donuts in Meredith Hall after Mass.

Practicing our faith

72: Baptisms
44: Lectors
93: First Communions
58: Altar Servers
58: Confirmations
30: Ushers
37: Weddings
24: Hospitality Ministers/Greeters
75: Anointing of the Sick visits
13: Welcome Team Members
42: Funerals
43: Cantors and Choir members
75: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
15: Instrumentalists


* Welcomed Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy Community here with four sisters employed on campus and created a convent for them
* Renovated Meredith Hall including A/V system, projector, flooring, wireless access due to generous donations from the parish
* Refinished the sanctuary floor, installed altar railing, refinished the presider’s chairs
* Re-tiled the school lobby and hallways, and moved and expanded the preschool
* Re-leaded the Assumption stained glass window through the generosity of a donor
* Re-gilded and finished two tabernacles
* Hosted the Northern Colorado reception for Archbishop Aquila
* Repainted the sanctuary walls at Our Lady of the Lakes mission church in Red Feather
* Purchased 25 Net Books for Eighth Grade Language Arts thanks to SPIRIT donations
* Instituted the Spirit of Saint Joseph Awards at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


* Instituted Saint Joseph Feast Day celebration
* Refurbished Vestibule; created prayer nook, redecorated with new artwork, updated Merchant Card counter and purchased a new safe
* Replaced the roof over the school computer lab, library, and Preschool
* Constructed a Merchant Card Office in the school
* Purchased 32 new computer workstations
* Re-plated the silver Sacramental Vessels and brass candlesticks
* Outfitted four school classrooms (two fixed and two mobile) with electronically-writable room front display screens and interactive devices for all students thanks to SPIRIT donations


* Renovated Parish Center; repaired tile roof, re-carpeted and repainted the parish center and remodeled several offices, refurbished St Joseph Statue through the generosity of a donor
* Renovated Our Lady of the Lakes mission church by re-staining the crucifix, adding artwork, and purchasing new permanent hymnals
* Revamped parish website and made homilies available online
* Established active parish presence on: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest
* Purchased new vestments for priests through the generosity of a donor
* Installed new electronic sign in front of the school through the generosity of donors
* Integrated new electronic textbooks for all grades through the generosity of a donor
* Established School Alumni Association and hosted inaugural Alumni Mass and Reunion
* Student interactive projector systems including interactive clickers installed in each classroom thanks to SPIRIT donations.

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