Blessing of Thanksgiving food, Larimer County Food Bank donations

Larimer County Food Bank donations - December 2016 - St. Joseph Catholic School.
Larimer County Food Bank donations – December 2016 – from St. Joseph Catholic School.

Bring your own Thanksgiving food — breads, pastry or wine and gifts for the Food Bank — to be blessed during the Mass of Thanksgiving, 9:00 a.m., Thursday, November 23.

You are invited to place your bread or pastry and your wine or juice for your Thanksgiving table on Mary’s Altar prior to Mass. Father will bless these after Communion.

Father will also bless your gift of food for the Food Bank of Larimer County. Please keep Food Bank items in your pew until the Offertory Procession. Ushers will help direct you with this procession. If you prefer to give a monetary contribution to the Food Bank, we will provide a collection basket.

Thanksgiving food blessing, office closures, schedule changes

Please note that there is only one Mass on Thanksgiving Day, and one Mass only, at 9 a.m., on Friday, November 24. There are no scheduled Confessions these two days. Incense will be used at the Mass of Thanksgiving.
Parish offices and Saint Joseph Catholic School will be closed Thursday and Friday.

Also, there will be no Middle School Youth Group on Wednesday, Nov. 22, no SoulCore on Thursday, Nov. 23, and no Elementary Religious Education on Sunday, Nov. 26. High School Youth Group will have a Social Night on Sunday, Nov. 26. Have a blessed holiday!

Remember to visit our Jesse Tree and help make Christmas happier for someone in need:

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