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Been away from Church for a while? Thinking about returning but not certain how to do it?

There is nothing that you have done that God doesn’t already know, and that Jesus won’t forgive. Whether you have been away because you have taken a spiritual hiatus, or have been worshiping at another church; are experiencing marital problems; not married in the Church; needing an annulment; suffering from addictions; need healing from a past abortion; we can help reconcile you with God and His Church. Your 1st step is to contact Jim at 482-4148 x216 or All contacts are confidential.

Wanted: A speedy bike

Father Dave has moved to a biking town!

If you have a road bike with spd pedals, he would really like to buy it for about $100.    Similarly, if you had a motorcycle you could sell him for a handsome price of a few hundred dollars, he would be very interested in that, too.  Please email him at

Thank you!