Fr. Steven Voss moved to hospice

Fr. Steven Voss - Pastor - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521
Fr. Steven Voss

Dear Families in Christ,

There is no easy way in writing this, but you need to know that our beloved pastor, Fr. Steven Voss, has been moved to hospice care in Phoenix.

Father was flown late Thursday to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix to have more definitive testing and a possible surgical procedure; the tests showed that cancer had, in fact, spread through much of his abdomen, making surgery impossible. A return flight to Colorado is not possible as Father’s health is quickly declining.

I am sure people who have been praying and sacrificing for so long may wonder why God did not answer our prayers, but He has and always does. Your prayers and little notes of love and care meant the world to him; it is what has kept him going and remaining so positive these many years in dealing with cancer and the various nauseating pills and painful treatments connected with it. (Most people would never have suspected what he was going through. Yes, your prayers were very much answered.)

He is being given the hydration and pain medicines he needs to be comfortable. His good friend, Fr. Greg Ames, has been there with him and will offer Holy Mass with and for him tonight. His family is also by his side.

I know this is painfully difficult for you and for all of us. Your prayers are still needed; pray for him to now die in peace; pray for his father and sisters, his staff, his good friends, the Archbishop and fellow priests and deacons.

As other news comes forth, I will let you know.

God bless you, and God bless Fr. Steven.

Fr. Joe

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14 Replies to “Fr. Steven Voss moved to hospice”

  1. So sad for us, but so happy that his pain will soon be gone and he will be reunited with Our Heavenly Father.
    Father Steve was instrumental in bring back to Catholicism….my prayers are with him…

  2. Thank you for notifying us. This breaks our hearts. Fr. Steven is a man of incredible faith and joy and through the years pushed aside his own pain to bring the light and love of Christ to so many of us. We pray that he feels God’s love and brings peace to him. He has comforted so many of us…this time is for him. Many prayers and love…

  3. So very sorry to hear of the news of Fr. Steven and his severe decline in his health. We both have so enjoyed his counsel, support and love as we proceeded ahead to join St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. We spoke with him in April at our first meeting and were so impressed with his kindness and individual attention and unconditional love. Prayers and God bless him and Father Greg and Father Joe as well as they move forward and all of the congregation. Father Steve will be missed so very much and he will be in our hearts forever.

  4. Oh God! How heartbreaking to hear such news! Fr Steve was my host for just very few days at St Joe’s in FoCo but really impressed me with his simplicity, friendliness, hospitality, generosity and good sense of humor!! Though I’m far away I’m treasuring so many good memories of him. I’m really sorry to hear this has happened! May Our Lady of Sorrows intercede for him and console all of us. Amen

  5. Father Voss was a room mate of our son in College. It was such a pleasure getting to know him. He is a wonderful man and this is a tragic loss for everyone. God Bless and keep him and his friends and family.

  6. Thank you for sharing with us. We love him so much. He has always been in my heart and always will be- there is nothing I can say but that I thank God for letting me know him. He was and always will be an enormous part of my growing in my faith. I will miss that he’s not here in his body. .. that smile and his sense of humor. There is no one like him for sure. Unique in every way. God bless my Father Steven Voss – I miss you

  7. Father Steven was such a holy priest when I last went to the sacrament of reconciliation. He made me feel as if Jesus was there before me as should be the case. I miss him already but am so happy for him. He ran a good race right until the end.
    God bless Father Steven.

  8. We are members of Holy Family church but enjoyed attending mass at St Joseph’s now and then just to hear Father Stevens homilies. My children would get all excited when we walked into church and saw he was going to be the priest in charge of the sermon. Father Steven was the person who brought us closer to God because of who he was. We will never forget all the things he taught us and we will never forget him. May he rest in peace and God bless him.

  9. Father Steven was so wonderful in the Confessional. I remember him going from a relaxed position to sitting up and leaning forward so excited to explain the wonderful blessings that accompany being married in The Church.He radiated with joy as he explained. My mother taught us as children just how important it is to pray for all priests daily, both living and not, and I believe my siblings still do, as I do, but since Father Steven has entered into eternal life, my time devoted to praying for priests has increased because I was blessed to receive one of his plants that takes a lot of attention, so I pray for priests longer and the plant keeps binging forth blossoms. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

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