Tell elected leaders: Physician-assisted suicide bills could mean death prescriptions for the vulnerable

Archbishop Samuel Aquila - against physician-assisted suicide bills - video clip screenshot
Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila speaks out against physician-assisted suicide legislation.

“If this legislation becomes law, it will place the lives of the vulnerable in the hands of the insurance and healthcare industry, whose profit-driven culture would incentivize doctors to prescribe death.”
– Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

On Wednesday, two identical bills that aim to make physician-assisted suicide legal in Colorado were introduced in the State Senate and House, Senate Bill 25 and House Bill 1054. A law allowing physician-assisted suicide would further entrench a culture of death in our laws here in Colorado, demean the lives of vulnerable patients, exposing them to exploitation and corrupt the medical profession, whose ethical code calls on physicians to serve life and never to kill.

“God has taught us not to kill.”

“God has taught us not to kill,” said Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila in a video against the bills. “They make it easier for people with bad intentions to prey upon the disabled.”

This bill was assigned in the House to the Judiciary Committee and in the Senate to the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.  Please call members of these committees and your own representative and senator to ask them to oppose physician-assisted suicide bills HB 1054 and SB 25.

It’s easy: Tell your legislators to oppose physician-assisted suicide

Find contact information for your representatives on the Colorado Catholic Conference website’s “Voter Voice” page or call the Conference at (303) 894-8808. Get more information about this legislation and what can be done to stop it here in Colorado at

What can I do to prevent physician-assisted suicide legislation?
Click the photo to find out what you can do to fight physician-assisted suicide.
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