Fr. Greg’s Road to Catholicism: Love letters, life, mercy

Fr. Greg Ames - lecture series - 2015 - Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Fort Collins - Colorado - 80521
Fr. Greg Ames

Fr. Greg Ames wraps the New Testament’s “love letters of Jesus”, life in the liturgical year and “know mercy, show mercy” into an Advent and New Years gift of grace for all. Learn how to “pray the New Testament”. Find out how the liturgical seasons bring sense to life and prevent that Christmas exhaustion in which “the last thing we want is the baby Jesus … and we can’t wait to throw the baby out with the bath water.”

‘Scoot over in the pew’ for Year of Mercy

Hear why in this Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis that “our churches should be filled with gay people that are hanging out with their partners, with divorced people who are married over again, with prostitutes, with drug addicts, with alcoholics.” Learn why it is “more important to Google ‘Year of Mercy’ than it is ‘whether to wear veils to church’”. Questions from the audience are answered following the talk.

Year of Mercy in the Archdiocese of Denver

Join Fr. Greg Ames in this engaging Wednesday night series that explores highlights of Catholicism, now through Dec. 16, 2015, and resuming after Jan. 1, 2016. Drop in for one or all sessions. Fr. Ames is Chaplain to the Homeless at the Mission in Fort Collins, and priest in residence at Saint Joseph Catholic Church. If you cannot see the video above, click on this link.

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